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Individual online courses with Aleksandr Zaiets on the Tree of Life teaching by Arcadij Petrov and the teachings by Grigori Grabovoi ''Global Salvation and Harmonic Development''.

In what does the individual course consist?

These are the rays with the help of which the Celestial Father has created and is continuing to create the world and everything that lives in it. The participants of the course will see and will discover inside themselves that the rays, the flows are different. They have different shapes, colours and lights

Che cosa sono i livelli dell'ALBERO DEI SEPHIROT? Innanzitutto il concetto di livello è legato al passaggio ad un livello di coscienza più alto.

Le sephirot, ovvero le sfere spirituali dei pianeti del nostro Sistema solare, sono dei serbatoi, dei  depositi di enormi conoscenze e di energie del livello Divino, di costruzione della vita sul pianeta Terra e al di fuori di esso.


The basic course is a set of exercises for the development of your psychic abilities (theory and practice). “Each man or woman who begins doing this practice acquires real knowledge. Everyone will discover themselves and the space of their own soul. Everyone who is searching for God in the world will find God inside themselves.”
Arcadij Petrov