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Welcome to our website Norma Divina (Divine Norm)

We wish you lots of health, joy and well-being and let all the events of your life  reflect the Norm!

The website Norma Divina has been created in order to help people to study profoundly and put into practice the teaching and experience of Arkadij Petrov and Grigori Grabovoi. In other words, we want to help you perceive yourself as the incarnation of the Divine essence and become complete.

The aim is to manifest in life not your individual will but the Divine will and Divine knowledge in your everyday life through emotions, thoughts, words and actions in order to establish yourself.

Let your perception be with me, Father.

Let your thoughts be in me, Father.

Speak through me, Father.

Let your will and your action manifest through my body as a tool.

I am in you and you are in me. We are the same essence!

Such are the principles of Divine Norm, of Divine Life on Earth!

Union between the Earth and the Sky.

Norm manifest itself in your body, psycho, emotions, thoughts and character in the following way:

NORM is a constant and calm state of being where you perceive yourself as creators capable of managing your life and changing it in a better way.

NORM is a sensation that gives purpose to life and helps you fulfill yourself, fully manifesting your best qualities, your capacities and your abilities.

NORM is a sensation that makes you feel full of dignity and good qualities, not worse than others but as someone who respects others accepting them as they are.

We wish it to you from the bottom of our hearts.

On our website you'll find the teachings of Arcadij Naumovic Petrov and Grigori Petrovic Grabovoi, Russian Masters of Humanity.

Teachers: Roman Gireylo and Aleksandr Zaiets.

Arcadij Petrov

Doctor in philosophical sciences and a famous writer. Author of the ”Tree of life” teaching. Thanks to the practical application of his teaching hundreds of results have been officially registered, comprising regeneration of human organs and tissues removed previously, healing from AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes and tumors including those of the fourth stage. The author himself has regenerated had his gall bladder and appendix  that had been removed previously, which is proved by medical evidence and Court approval.

Petrov's teaching has been evolving in Russia and abroad already for 18 years. He has published 23 sacred volumes translated in different languages. The geographical area of his courses comprises Australia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi

Author of the Teaching “Global Salvation and harmonious development of eternal Life

The science of Grabovoi is based on the idea of eternal life and salvation of everyone. Grigori Grabovoi is a world-famous parapsychologist, medium and clairvoyant.

The science of Grigori Grabovoi represents a system of theoretical and practical knowledge described in his books, texts, audio and video lessons. It  is a modern system of methods, technologies and appliances designed specifically in order to guarantee healthy, eternal and harmonious life.

Bio-informative technologies and number sequences, which are described in the books,  are taught at the training courses and  are a tool with which the participants can direct biochemical and biophysical processes of the body and areas of reality. They are a tool with the help of which a participant can encode and decipher any area of material, energetic, informative, spiritual reality, correct and construct present, past o future spaces.

In other words, thanks to the bio-informative technologies people unite with the Divine Norm and with our Father. The work is done with cells, organs and body and all the processes which happen inside of the body are completely normalized. Besides, you can observe and normalize present, past and future events, namely direct and normalize any part  of reality with consciously through your soul.

But if you have understood that in your essence you have Divine potential and that this Divine Norm is at your disposal from the beginning, you don't need any technology, you can live and act directly in the image and likeness of the Creator.

This will lead you to a very important and crucial result in life, won't it?

The above described teachings are the basis of a new life perspective. Thanks to them a human being understands how God has created the world, life, life forms, body, organs, cells and the whole reality.

Once you have understood and applied in practice the fundamentals of creation, you begin to construct your own world, the body that you inhabit during this incarnation, the organs, actions and life according to the knowledge and model images of the Celestial Father. Thus, human beings begin to create and direct the reality identifying themselves with the Creator, namely in his image and likeness.

The reality yields and begins to change and human beings understand that only they have always and will always been responsible for their creation and their results. Such responsibility anyway does not weigh like ignorance and despair but it comes together with the joy of creating and happiness of a complete self-realization. It is the joy of being free that has always been and will always be a potential that the Father has given us since from the start, a blessing at the beginning of the journey. We've forgotten about it and now are trying to remember it.

That's why the help of masters and teachers who transmit their experience is so important!

The task of a teacher is to be a tuner, which the participants of the course tune themselves to and thus open in themselves, in their hearts and body the knowledge. It is the first direct experience that the participants to our courses receive. The experience of a union, because between us there is no difference! Both inside of a student and a teacher the same knowledge of the Father, the same light of the soul, the same essence, the same life are flowing and we are all united in our essence! Somebody understands it immediately, somebody needs time but everybody sooner or later discovers the same truth. It is not a process of logic o mental comprehension, you begin to live in this way!

Simple mental comprehension, as you know, does not change anything in real life  and does not bring new events. One only becomes more intellectually educated. Without action and manifestation of such knowledge in real life they remain useless and don't bring any results. Useless knowledge remains only on the intellectual level. That's why people who assimilate such knowledge only on the mental level don't get any result and even if they do they don't know how they've done it. For them it is difficult to explain the process, transmit it to others or repeat it one more time.

The basis of each action is to understand how and what God does and do it in the same way, not hoping in your mind or intellect but believing in God. Thus, you go with God and normalize an organ, an event, a relationship ecc, life in general. This should be the basis and the support for every action!

The Celestial Father said: The light that I've transmitted sooner o later will make you human!

Sometimes people think they are more smart, agile and capable than God. They think they know for sure which will be the result of their actions and which fruits they are growing on their Tree of Life.

Let us present to you our teachers:

Roman Gireylo

Certified teacher of The “Tree of Life technologies by Arcadij Petrov

Author of the book “Eternal time of God” published in Russian, Hungarian and Italian. If you are interested in it you can find more information about it here. You can order the book and receive a small PDF extract from the book as a gift.

Roman Gireylo has created a series of master classes on such topics as: opening the heart, healing, regeneration of teeth, restoring the sight, regenerating and normalizing the organs, normalizing past events, normalizing the genealogical tree, normalizing relationships, organizing the reality, activating the body of light, working with eternal matter, neutralizing death programs, creating life programs, opening and developing clairvoyance, working on the resurrection ecc

If you've attended the basic Course and you want to work with a particular topic you can order some videos of the masterclasses on our website.

Creator and teacher of the course on the practical aspects of Sephiroth, levels 1-2-3, studying in the cosmic classes (spiritual spheres of the planets of our solar system.

This course has been created in order to help people deepen the knowledge of Sephiroth, a cosmic complex where guiding reality takes place. This has been possible thanks to the permission of the author of this teaching, Arcadij Petrov and is based on the work with his books on Sephiroth, which comprise the Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Phaeton, Saturn, Neptune,  Uranus.

Teaching method

The transmission of knowledge during the course happens directly in the divine flow without any preparation. Such process is called initiation and it is a unique method.  The feedback from many participants from different countries of the world, including Italy, are a proof to it. Many of those who have attended the courses of Roman Gireylo have expressed us their gratitude for having transmitted the divine knowledge that they could put in practice according to their personal goals. Such people have obtained immediate results and experience of a harmonic action, which enabled them to manage their reality.

After the initiation, thanks to the comprehension of its functioning, the participants understand the functioning of their own life, of how certain processes occur, change and normalize and why this happens and how it functions. Afterwards the experience can be reproduced and practiced in each free moment in order to normalize a personal situation or to help others.

Such result is not a simple coincidence, when you can not understand what has happened. It is a result of a certain conscious action which brings happiness, lightness, freedom and independence from saviors , masters, teachers of various methods ecc. You become your teacher, your guru and your savior, the creator of your reality! This implies living a complete, autonomous and auto-sufficient  life.

May this happen to you! Live, understand, manifest and become it.

The technique is very simple: understand and make it happen.

All the theory that is discussed during the lessons and that is afterwards implemented in practice is an ideal combination for live experience. The experience that we invite you to receive and to live during our lessons with Roman Gireylo comprises the following topics in the following order:

Basic Course of the “Tree of life” teaching by Arkadij Petrov


Practical aspects of Sephiroth, levels 1-2-3, cosmic classes studying

Sephiroth, levels 1-2-3

The rays of light for the creation, levels 1-2-3

After the basic course it is possible to receive an individual teaching, namely a consultation with Roman Gireylo on your personal aim.

All the above mentioned courses are based on the science of Arkadij Petrov and are held with his permission.

Aleksandr Zaiets

Author of the website Norma Divina, is a certified teacher and organizer of the courses in Italy which are based on the following teachings:

The Tree of Life of the author Arkadij Petrov

Macro salvation and harmonious development of eternal life by Grigori Petrovic Grabovoi

He has also created such masterclasses as:

Divine Norm, the sphere of macro salvation, resetting past events, creating future events, resurrection, mirrors of reality, how to open your heart, ecc

During my lessons I try to transmit to the participants the practical knowledge and perception of reality of the Divine world that I've perceived and discovered and am continuing to discover more and more inside of me. I'm talking about results and experience that I've acquired during my life practice and that I'm continuing to receive and widen by studying and working directly with Arkadij Petrov and Roman Gireylo.

Then I've had an opportunity to meet Grigori Grabovoi and receive his teachings only on spiritual level and certainly also through the studying of his books, lessons and seminars on eternal life.

I would like to mention also Sergey Evstafiev with whom I work on the diffusion of the science on Harmonious development. Sergey organizes remote lessons. He is a director of the company Espert kontrols limited and manages a group of people who are working on the diffusion of the teachings on eternal life and harmonious development  all over the world. I, Aleksandr Zaiets, am one of them. That's why I want to thank Sergey and ALL his team Espert kontrols limited for their help and encouragement.

Teaching method

People open themselves to live interaction and transmission of the knowledge. They  open themselves, the world inside them and around them. They begin to develop the interior potential from and with their souls and learn to create from love and with love and to fill all the aspects of their life and in such eternity dissolve their doubts and fears.

People begin to understand that the purpose of life is to live with joy and lightness, to live a life where there is no final goal and even meeting the Celestial Father cannot be a final destination of your development where you might think everything comes to an end! It may be a point where a human being begins to live truly, to understand his essence and manifest this essence in the everyday life.

It had to be this way from the beginning but since our childhood we've forgotten the most precious thing, namely who we are and which internal potential we've received.

That's why during our lessons people learn to discover their capabilities and their potential and to act and live according to the knowledge of the heart and not that of the ego.

When you give the permission to the Divine to guide you through life and to transmit you the knowledge through the voice of your soul, you won't need anything else and you'll understand that in your essence you were always and will always be like this. Here resides your potential. I wish you to manifest it and I invite you to our lessons that are held in the following order — The Tree of Life Teaching by Arcadij Petrov:

Basic course


Sephiroth, levels 1-2-3, working with the books on Sephiroth by Arcadij Petrov

The courses are based on the Tree of life teaching and are held with the permission of the author Arcadij Petrov.

The science of Grigori Grabovoi on Macrosalvation and harmonious development of eternal life

Concentration methods

Masterclass, working with number sequences, Divine Norm, the sphere of Macrosalvation

Exercises for each day of a month

Regeneration of the body with number sequences

Structuring the consciousness

Resurrection is from now on our reality

The courses are based on the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and are transmitted with his permission.

Here you can find more detailed information, timetable and dates.

The way I've presented to you the teachings of our Masters reflects the level of my comprehension that I've reached in my development. This does not mean that my point of view is the ultimate truth. Everyone has their own truth and their own level of development and perception.

The experience that we transmit during our courses can help you to grow faster without doubts and difficulties of the journey. It helps you to see clearly the reality, to see clearly yourself and others, to built your own reality, the world inside of you and around you. All this is called clairvoyance. It means living in the light of the Father and in the Norm of the Father.

Everyone has their own journey. Every master has lived his unique experience. However, all of them speak about the same essence that they have perceived, to which they've arrived. So, the experience is the same for all of us but everyone has their own path to follow, large or narrow. In such ways you reveal the individuality of your soul!

If you've attended the basic course and you want to work on a particular topic you can order some videos of masterclasses on our website.

I would like to express my gratitude to Arcadij Petrov for his help and encouragement. In spite of his busy schedule he comes to visit us in Italy and shares his experience, knowledge and results helping others.

I want to thank also Grigori Petrovic Grabovoi for his help with my work and for encouragement, even if we have met each other only on subtle levels. He has however proposed me to transmit the knowledge and the experience that I've acquired thanks to his teaching on Salvation and harmonious development of eternal life. So I would like to thank him for his trust and help.

Moreover I would also like to thank  Roman Gireylo, my friend and teacher.

Roman is one of those rare people who truly follow the knowledge of God in their thoughts, emotions and actions. I can confirm this because I've been working with him for a long time. He has been my teacher already for 10 years.

Thanks to the work done in the past Roman has regenerated himself from the  second stage of disability and has normalized his body. Now he is transmitting his experience and knowledge to others and explains that people can live and not die, remain healthy and not get ill, manifest joy and not fear or delusion, manifest the Father's will together with Him and non depend on the opinions of the masses or vain expectations.

I think this is the only way to an authentic life that is worth every effort made.

Roman Gireylo is the example of such way of life and with his example he shows others the right path, the potential and capabilities of our bodies, shows how to develop and realize them.

You can order his book Eternal Time of God on our website and some other small books with masterclasses on the following topics: “calming the mind”, “opening the heart”, “auto-healing”, in which Roman shares his experience and help others to perceive and  develop such potential inside themselves.

I would also like to thank Simona de Robertis for her help with the editing of our site, books masterclasses of Roman Gireylo and publications of video and audio materials.

Simona de Robertis, in spite of diagnoses and predictions of official medicine, has won in the fight against cancer in the ultimate stages. Thanks to the faith of God, knowledge of the soul and actions of the light, by listening to her body and regenerating it, Simona has chosen life and continues to choose only life. This victory belongs only to her, it is her credit, her experience, that is an example for all of us! We wish her all the best!

I want to thank as well all the organizators' team, who helps to spread this knowledge also in Italy: Daniela Sesti, Valter Maestra, Simona de Robertis and others.

We invite for new collaborations people from other places that are interested in our experience, interested in the spreading of this knowledge of an auto-development .

You can watch videos and listen to audio materials of our teachers, read the comments of the participants in our lessons and choose those whose work and internal state of being suits you the best. You can choose a teacher whose work interest you the most and suits you and your group the best in order to attend the course.

Those are people whose essence correspond to their words and actions. Each one of us has arrived at such realization through personal experience manifesting uniqueness of his or her soul.

We have gathered sufficient experience, knowledge and results on how to manage our reality, body, events, relationships ecc.. and we share them with you through lessons, online courses, webinars, group lessons, individual lessons etc

Such experience cannot be bought, given or borrowed.

It can be manifested in life and is worth any effort made in order to get it.

Thank you for your attention. I hope this website is not only interesting but also helpful to you.