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My name is Arkadij Petrov and I'm a Russian scholar and a writer.

In Europe I'm known as the author of the Tree of Life teaching.

This teaching explains how through personal consciousness people can manage all the  processes in their body even in cases of very serious illnesses. Thank to such  mental management through consciousness you can crate a state of health, well-being and new life perspectives. The teaching is spreading also in Europe. There are approximately 150 European regional centers where the Tree of Life teaching is being transmitted. I'm very happy that different interesting cases have been registered in all of these centers, cases when people even with incurable diseases have gained health and well-being.

There are interesting cases, for example, in Italy. Last year when I came to Italy a person on a wheelchair suddenly stood up, a child whose tympanum had been removed was able to hear once again. The doctors that were present at the course have confirmed surprised that the tympanum was regenerated. In fact, thanks to the technologies of the teaching, surgically removed organs can be regenerated. And it was not the only case in Italy.

There have also been other cases, for example, regeneration of feminine reproductive organs. This case was also observed by medical experts and their verdict was positive, the regeneration had taken place. This case was significant also for other people because many people have begun to believe in the possibilities of such mental management.

People believe in everything but who knows why they don't believe in themselves. Learn to believe in yourself is the main aim of our lessons, where we teach people how to manage biophysical and biochemical processes of their organism. Here in Italy a workshop of that kind has just been concluded.


The technologies that I'm teaching now in Italy are technologies for mental management through consciousness of all the biochemical and biophysical processes in our organism. I've tried these technologies first on myself . I've observed all the processes that happened inside of me and that I've lived personally. I've tried them personally.  I've got ill many times as it happens with others. I've suffered from a number of diseases but thanks to what I was able to do with the help of my technologies, time after time I've defeated all the illnesses. I've become a person, so to speak, less similar to others. I've changed and I've transformed myself thanks to the work done. That sort of work has offered me a very interesting path.

It has a been a joyful journey because it has brought me many days of joy and happiness. I've discovered incredible opportunities inside my body  that I could  never imagine before. Such possibilities can be found in everyone. That is why we teach people to work with these technologies. It is about a studying process, patience, exercises, training. You can reach the point where you don't get ill, don't age and even don't die.

Many people perceive the Tree of Life teachings as a series of technologies. It is not true. The Tree of Life is first of all a new system of thoughts for life and a new life reality that affirms itself through the teaching here on Earth. It a new perspective, perception of the world that gives a possibility to be at the same level of God. This is something that God wants because he has defined us as his children.  That's why we say that God has created man in his own image because we are God's children and we all have the same potential as our Father. This is the mission, knowledge and possibilities that we transmit to people.

We have created particular exercises that help people open new possibilities inside themselves, perceive life. This possibility is clairvoyance.

Each person has imagination. Clairvoyance is a following step.

It is a possibility to see the processes occurring inside the cells of the body, go deep into them, see what happens inside the cells , in their nucleus, in their DNA.

With the help of our technologies the processes can be corrected in a positive way. That's why people need clairvoyance in order to manager the events and not be managed by the events.

If somebody is not clairvoyant, different events can occur, good and bad. Clairvoyance, on the other side, helps to change a negative course of events into a positive one.


Self-healing is an individual process. Some people can heal themselves immediately, some need a month o two. For someone a year or more won't  be enough. It doesn't happen in the same way for everyone because everyone is a world by themselves and a very complex system. People have individual problems and experience, as well  as experience of the past lives. A human being doesn't appear on the Earth only once but reincarnates one life after another in order to live planetary experience. Thus everything depends on the accumulated experience.


I have a very simple recommendation: if you've begun to work in this direction you must continue doing it. You should never leave incomplete something you've already begun doing, more so if it is something good. It is not a simple journey. One needs effort and dedication. Everybody who makes this choice is giving to himself and also to others. If you give a possibility to others to be healthy, happy and conscious you'll get at the same time the same happiness, health and superior knowledge of the cosmos.

Thus we recommend you not to abandon this journey.


Instructor, who helds lessons using our methodology, has a role not only of a teacher but also of a so-called technician who transmits certain resonance waves to information and energetic centers of a student. Such process normalizes the  whole structure. The exercises are selected in such a way that in combination with the concentration course, the work with the spheres of reality, regulator settings and the process of expansion of consciousness, they will form a uniform and efficient structure of practical work necessary to develop the clairvoyance.

Such are the principles that we define with important  key-words: getting to know, knowing, doing.

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