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Grigori Petrovich Gravovoi is a popular science communicator who comes from Kazakhstan and has a gift of clairvoyance, foresight and healing.

He has a degree in applied mathematics and mechanics, is a member of the International Academy of Informatization and a correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Already at the age of three he began experimenting with clairvoyance phenomena by guiding consciously certain situations.

He was assigned numerous awards for the excellent work done in the field of natural sciences and medicine. He has been awarded a silver medal by the Russian Academy of Natural Science and medal '' Peter the Great'' for the development of the Russian science and economy.

Author of innovative healing technologies he receives the teachings directly from God and transmits his experience to the humanity through his books and courses.

The only advice he gives through all his teachings is: “you must do it as God does it”. That is why Grigori Grabovoi calls this teaching: “Global salvation and harmonic development”, which means: “this is not only my personal path but of all us because we are all united in our divine center and we are all the children of God.”

He calls this process GUIDING ONE'S REALITY or exercises for the concentration and information guidance in order to restore the “Divine Norm” (to bring the Divine Norm to the matter (all that exists) as God sees it and as God does it)

The following courses are based on the official texts and books written by Grigori Grabovoi:

  1. The Divine Norm
  2. Methods for Concentration – exercises for each day of a month
  3. Number sequences for body regeneration and healing
  4. Unified system of knowledge
  5. Number sequences for psychological harmony
  6. Number sequences for business success
  7. Resurrection and Eternal Life are from now on our reality


Aleksandr Zaiets is a certified teacher who holds the above mentioned courses.


Video playlist su insegniamento di Grigori Grabovoi con Aleksandr Zaiets