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Roman Gireylo is a student of Arcadii Petrov,  Russian and Universal Master, clairvoyant, inventor of the course on the practical aspects of Sephiroth (cosmic classes, spiritual planets of our galaxy). Roman is certified in sciences and teaching techniques of the Tree of Life, devoted to the profound knowledge of God.

Roman Gireylo goes round the world, travels to Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Australia, Russia, Ukraine in order to transmit the divine knowledge and help people understand themselves, the world of God, divine matter in the way he does it.

Based on his own life experience he shares his own results, his own way of living.

Roman Gireylo some years ago found himself partly immobilized and was assigned the second grade of disability. With the help of spiritual methods and practices and with great faith and difficulty he was able to regain his health.

His aim in life is to dedicate himself completely to the transmission of his experience and practical application of the Tree of Life teaching.

He is the author of the book “Eternal time of God” which is now published also in the Italian language.

tempo eterno di dio

You can buy it here: 17 euro

Roman Gireylo courses:

  • Basic course “The Tree of Life”
  • Master class
  • Practical aspect of Sephiroth, level 1-2-3 , cosmic classes teachings
  • Sephiroth, level 1-2-3

The rays of creation, level 1-2-3


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Roman Gireylo, Il tempo eterno di Dio

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